Panny 42V G or X with Foxsat HDR?


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Birthday coming - so am being bought a new 42" Panasonic:clap:

So which one should I get - X10, G10 or V10? Viewing distance will be about 9 feet and source will be from the Humax HD pvr. Never watch dvds so no chance of Blueray either!

Head says the X10 will be more than adequate but the V10 is tempting! My mother is buying it and is expecting it to cost £1k;) and NO - I don't want a 50 thanks:nono:



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9ft, save your money and get the X10. 1080p is wasted at that distance. 1080i (Foxsat HD) is virtually the same on a 720p panel or an 1080p panel.

But the G10 does have better blacks, colour and contrast, you decide.:smashin:


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My pioneer 427 is the same res as the x10 and at 9ft there is no need for 1080p,save your money and get a nice surround sound.:smashin:


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agreed with the last two honourable members :thumbsup:

To exploit 1080, you need to be close enough and if you do not have blue ray.. Even if you did have blue ray, you still need to be sat close enough..


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Thanks all - thought that might be the answer - wonder if I can slip in a decent sound system as well as the X10:cool:

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