Panny 42 Plasma and blur with Sky+



I have a Panny 42 Plasma and a SKy + connected with a syncblaster cable. DVD through component. I am getting a blurry type effect on peoples faces on certain programmes with Sky+. Is this usual with plama's or is it a Sky+ being crap broadcast quality, or the syncblaster? I don't get this on my DVD playback.

Ideas anyone?
I have my sky+ connected to the plasma with a js - rgb to vga converter , the pic is excelent on most channels. Close ups of peoples faces are excelent.


i have my ntl connected to my plasma using a js box and i`m very pleased and get could results.


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i have the same problem with the faces, i have a js rgb to vga, it only does it sometimes with sky

what is the answer?



Below is reply someone gave me on the Sky+ forum .. basically it is the crap Sky signal.. anyway here is the reply.

"i think what you are talking about is "solarisation" .. it is most apparent on skin tones (close ups in eastenders is an example) and my worst football .... if you had a picture of a candle flame in a dark room, the light around the flame should dimish evenly from the centre, with a solarised picture the light appears as bands around the flame...... i have done a great deal of investigation and simply there is not a solution... the signal you get determines the picture you see.. sky only have a certain bandwith available to them and instead of having big chunks for a small amount of channels they have small chunks of the available bandwith for a multitude of rubbish... so no amount of electronic trickery is going to fill the gaps that make themselves so apparent on a plasma.... mine is a 42 " PW5 panny ... the best you can do is pass the signal through a scaler and the edges will be more defined and the picture "better" overall... but the solarisation will still be there...
i am on the brink of buying this:
joe at the media factory http://www.tmfsolutions.co.uk/homecinema.htm will be a UK supplier and as soon as it comes out i will get one... i have a problem with video switching and converting ... a multitude of cables and convertors all doing a multitude of things... and whatever anybody tells you.. the more bits and bobs that are in the signal path...the more the original signal will get distorted.

i will update when i have the kit in my hot and sweatys !


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