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Just finished my instalation of my panny 300,and it seems that the svideo cable is f**ked, i know i was warned about s-video. but when i connected a scart to it the picture was amazing.

now then does any one know of a good supplier of scart cables 10 mtrs especially a high street shop is what i'm looking for cos i was wanting to use it over the bank holiday weekend.

help me please


G a f f e r

depends where you live.
Try sevenoaks sound and vision.
quite a few in th south/surroundings
good knowledge of staff

watch out that you get an RGB Scart cable, not a standard Scart which is a composite signal (if noit specifically advertised as rgb, i'd assume it wasn't)

IXOS and QED make good (relatively cheap) RGB Scart cables


Never come across a 10 meter scart, would love someone to prove me wrong especially as Euro04 is coming up soon and I'd prefer that to S-video!
However, your options are a bit limited if you want to use your PJ over the Bank Holiday, why not trot off to Maplins and get 30 meter of RG59 coax and some phono plugs and knock up some component cables, it really is that simple, all in say £15!


Just found this, not highstreet but Hifistore do a 10 meter QED scart cable, now on my shopping list :D

G a f f e r

In Edinburgh, there is a Richer sounds i think. There is definitely a specialist hi fi shop somewhere around the town center (i got lost wondering from the hospital to the town center, going down the hill and ended up outside it.....sorry can't remember details but my directional sense is a bit lacking :))

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