Panny 300, Epson Home 10, Hitachi Home 1

Jim McC

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I am trying to decide between these 3 projectors, I have read reviews on all 3, but I have nowhere to view them. According to reviews, the Panny 300 has the least SDE, then Epson, and Hitachi last. The Panny & Hitachi only have 1 year warranty, & the Epson 2 years. The Panny sounds like the best picture of all 3. Should I be worried about only 1 year warranty on Panny, and has it been very reliable? I surely would appreciate any input on these 3 projectors. My screen will be about 52"X92", room totally dark, sitting up to 15 feet back. Thanks.


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Hi Jim.

I've seen the panny 300 and the hitachi on a number of occasions.

In my (and a number of friends) opinion the panny gave a much nicer picture (abliet slightly softer) and has the flexibility of an RGB scart.

The Hitachi does have lens shift though... and is still good for the money.




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