Panny 28PL1 White shimmering???

when my tv shows bright whites that take up a large part of the screen, the whites shimmer and look unstable. i remember this happening on a panny i had 4 years ago, is it a common problem with pannys? can it be fixed?

thanks:( :)


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Don't Panny use AI for automatic contrast adjustment?

My Philips has Crystal Clear III,which includes Dynamic Contrast and this has a similar effect when there are bright white areas on a section of the screen.It's not that bad,but it can be a bit disconcerting at times.
tried that and its still there. its only on RGB as far as i can see, i think????

anyone else noticed this on their panny..........go look, now:D

try the x-men scene when the concentration camp scene ends and it pans up the tower and then fades out to bright white and see if the white looks unstable and has horizontal shimmering.


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Hey Carl (weyland-yutani),

Does this mean you swapped the Sony LS35 in favour of a Panny PL1?

How does it compare? I was possibly thinking of doing the same but like the Sony stand and was also put off by talk of moire problems with the PL1.

What's the stand like with the PL1, is it open (no doors).


hey john, yes i did swap. the stand on the sony was one of the best i've seen and i was sad to see it go, but it HAD to go. i was sick of the dodgy pic on the ls35. after i heard so many bad thing about the PL1 i was hesitant, but it seems fine. the picture ****es on the sony i had, clearer, brighter and solid. the geometry is good and my n64 games look great through s-video. the only problems i know about are the whites shimmering on RGB, but i had the same "problem" with a panny 4 years ago, so i assume its a panny thing, and if truth be told its not that noticable unless the entire screen is brilliant white. i don't know what "moire" is so i can't say i' ve seen it. the stand is poor in comparison to the sony. it's basicaly skeleton stand with 2 glass shelves, i haven't even opened the box for it, i'll stick with my old cabinet for now.



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Hi there

I've got a 32PL1 and noticed a simliar thing, particularly towards the top or bottom of the picture.

The problem in my case was easily cured - I was using far too much contrast.

Try cranking the contrast down +/- brightness up and see how you fare. I'd also agree to leave AI and NR well alone.




I have the same problem with my tx-32pf10, it wont acccept rgn signals from my pioneer dvd player without producing a white stripe moire effect across the screen. This has to do with Pansonic and there euro chassis having problems with macrovision. I have talked to panasonic and the blame the dvd player even if I have gotten it to work on philips and sony tvs without problem.
I am a salesman in a electronics store. But shouldent macrovision be turned on to protect the content from copying. I asked Panasonic too, does panasonic accept copying a dvds. Buy sony,grundig og philips


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