Panning blur discovery, maybe?


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Strangely enough but I sometimes find panning at the cinema to be poor as well. The 24 fps just isn't good enough for the size of the screen and my eyes can see the image 'jumping'. But then I'm a picky so and so.

I can accept slight image 'judder' on quick-ish panning shots for non HD but would expect proper HD, be it BD or HD DVD, to erase most of this problem. But then again....if I can see it on the original cinematic 24fps....well, I might have to live with it.

Oh by the way, I even notice the slight image judder during 'panning' on my 22" CRT monitor at 1600x1200 running at 100Hz with ATI 9800 Pro. Am I the pickiest??? Is there anyone out there with keener eyes?


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Kableman If you ever get up Castle vale way by spitfire island check out the tosh in that Comets it's a shocker.
Van unless they shoot at a much higher frame rate judder will probably be worse with high definition i put a link about judder & hd into the sticky

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