Panni 50PW6 and a DVD Player



Hi everyone,

I'm about to buy a Panasonic TH50PW6, i've read so many threads but couldn't find what i looked for.

So my questions are

1- Which terminal board to use for connecting this plasma to a dvi dvd player?
2- I'm planning to buy a Samsung HD935 dvd player as I can't buy a more expensive one, as buying this plasma was a big improvement for my wife and i can't tell her that i'll buy a dvd player worth a 1000 and the cables of course :p
3 - HDMI vs DVI, are the plasmas the HDMI device or the player. What is the difference if i buy a DVI to DVI or HDMI to DVI-D cable?
4-With these specs will i have any scaling or resolution problems?

Thanks a lot
Two more questions I forgot to ask
Is there an alternative for the Samsung which is not over £300, or 935 is nice for using with this plasma?

For picture quality and problem free solution with these devices

shall i use the component ports or the dvis?
You'll want the TY-42TM6DB DVI board so you can use the Samsungs DVI abilities and you'll need a straight DVI - DVI cable, one comes with the terminal board I think, or so I've read else where. You'll definitely want to use the DVI connection as this will reduce the number of D/A, A/D conversions going on and will enable a higher number of grey scale levels compared to an analogue connection.

I'm not too familiar with the Samsung DVD player, but the only possible issue with the Panasonic DVI board is its issues with some incoming signals, if your feeding the plasma a normal 480p or 576p signal everthing should be spot on. Does the Samsung have internal scaling, if so there could be some issues with certain resolutions not being accepted properly as the DVI terminal board seems to have some issues knowing what resolution it accepts (something about it thinking its a 1024x768 display rather than a 1366x768 display?) its been covered in quite a bit of detail if you do a search.

Hope some of that helps, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to clear it up a bit better.


Thanks a lot for the reply. How are you getting on with your panasonic? Is everything fine?

I think Samsung does not have an internal scaler but I'm not sure though, I'll make a research for it in the forum and on the net.

So you're telling that if samsung does not have an internal scaler, i wont have any pq problems.

What are you using to connect to your dvd player (dvi or component), did you have any problems?

The Panasonic is extremely good, even out of the box with just a little tinkering the picture is very good.

I'm using component dvd player connected through a Lumagen Vision, this deinterlaces and scales before outputting RGBHV to the plasma via the vga pc input. All my other sources go through the Lumagen as well, I've also got my NTL connected to the scart board on the plasma directly (as well as through the Lumagen) and this gives suprisingly good results.

Unfortunately my plasma has gone back as of yesterday as it had a very bad case of the buzz's, but I'm expecting a replacement on Friday.

I would like to try the DVI input route myself but that will probably have to wait till later on in the year when I either get a DVI equiped dvd player or I upgrade to one of the new Lumagen scalers with DVI in/out.

I'm also planning on getting my equipment ISF calibrated by Gordon as soon as I've finalised what my sources will be for the forseeable future, aparently having everything properly calibrated can give a very big improvment to every source and is well worth the money, probably a better investment than an expensive cable or two..

I'm french and I also have the Pany 50 (serie 6) with the dvi board. With the dvd player Pioneer 868 and a hdmi-dvi cable, it works very well (less noïse than yuv connexion wich is already very good). The only thing is that (due to a stupid firware limitation of the panasonic dvi board), it only works with 576p. If you upscale (720p or 1080i) it only works with ntsc DVD (and only in 16/9 : wich is a problem for 4/3 and letter box dvd). It's a pity because, 720p is very nice with widescreen dvd.

Otherwise, my advice would be to get a dvd player (like the Xeos 105) on wich you can choose the exact size of the image and match exactly the size of the pany 50 (1366 X 768, 60hz), that way, you can use the full possibility of the plasma thru DVI and it should be even better.

Thanks for the reply. I looked for the dvd player you have typed but couldn't find anywhere on the internet. Do you know a website where i can buy and check its specs?

Last week I decided to buy sony 730-930 using the component connector but after your post I'm a little bit confused.

So in your opinion is 720p component yuv worse than 576p DVI connection? If it is can you give me some examples of the poor quality picture how can I check myself?

I'll be grateful if you can help me out.
Many Thanks

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