Pani DMres10 recording freeview watching terrestrial please help my dad out !!



My old mans in a right state trying to get his pani set up. He has a pani free view box with 2 scarts. A pretty old pani tele with 2 scarts and the dmres10. What he wants to do is be able to watch terrestrial while recording freeview and maybe vice versa. I have been over to help but cannot sus it out. Also we are getting a ghosting effect on freeview which disappears when the dmr is powered down. Current set up is areial into freeview,rf out from free view to tv. Scart from freeview into dmr, scart from dmr to tv. Can record ok from freeview (with ghosting) but cannot get analog thru dmr unless aerial is plugged into dmr but then of course freeview dont work !!

any help much apreciated

Try taking the aerial to the freeview then to the recorder and then to the TV.
Purchase a TV signal booster with three outlets (Maxview or similar).
Main aerial into booster and coax outlets separately to TV, STB and dvd rec.

Scart leads : STB to TV AV1 : STB to DVD REC AV2.


To record freeview on DVD recorder set input on DMR-ES10 to AV2 (you will need to select the freeview channel on the STB first).
Thanks to both of you now it seems pretty obvious... knew it had to be possible !! :thumbsup:

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