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Sep 25, 2006
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The only area I can hang my screen is infront of a window and above a radiator. Does anyone know :

1. Is the Screen black backed and therefore will not let light thru from the rear.
2. What are peoples thought about the radiator, it shouldn't be that close but will the rising heat warp it to hell or should it be OK.

Daft questions I know but being a newbie I need all the help I can get. If either of the above are a problem, I'll quite happily change my choice of screen to get round the window issue, and move the radiator to remove the heat. Looking to spend between £250 and £300 for electric drop and currently looking 92" Panaview Graywolf 16:9 DE-GWII9092E £249 from

Thanks for the help all.
1. Should be OK, can you not close the curtains/blinds when using anyways?
2. Instead of removing the rad, can you not turn it off? Does it have a thermostat on the in-pipe?

I am not sure now heat would effect screens (in general), uneven heating resulting in expansion or contraction of a part of the screen would cause it to warp.
Yes, there will be curtains/blinds behind the screen but there will still be an element of light passing thru, also the radiator could be shut off, but that'll end up with the room be cold, hence the reason for moving it.

The room isn't set up yet and it's just a case of clearing a few things up before I start purchasing. I have no experience of home cinema at all and I hope the huge amount of experience on these forums will help me avoid any pitfalls.

Thanks all
Sounds like your OK for light then, I can't see any direct heat been a good thing, so if you can move the rad, move the rad.
I have a 92" Panoview pull down screen directly above a radiator for over a year now and have had no problems at all, I have it pulled down most days for 3-4 hours and haven't noticed any warping or bad ripples in the screen.

Hope that helps.

Regarding the light issue, I have some cheap Ikea wood blinds in the window behind my 120" Graywolf and a porch light outside. I don't see any light coming 'through' the screen, only a little spills from the sides as the screen is 4-5" away from the wall and it is larger than the window.

I moved my radiator long before I got a PJ so I don't know about the heat issue.
Your setup is very similar to mine, but my screen sits in front of two smaller windows (1m x 1.6m) and above a radiator.

I've only had it a few weeks now, but it seems to be fine above the radiator, no problem that I can see, and I have been taking notice of it.

Regarding the light, no, no light can come through it, it is genuinely light proof (if that's the words), but I was distracted by light coming thru the curtains behind it. I invested £20 in 2 Ikea Tupplur blackout blinds (very easy to fit, and discreet in white) that pretty much fully black it out now.

Also bear in mind, that any light spill into the room will affect your black level on screen, so blacking out the windows is probably going to be your best option regardless.


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