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Sep 12, 2002
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SAHE70S with dts/DD5.1 and DPLII for 199 inc remote 5x 80watts page 717 in the argos catalouge

Am I the only person who can see this HC amp the Panasonic shop in Milton Keynes has it (its brand new) yet theres no reviews or interest anywhere !

Am I the butt of a very elaborate hoax?

Please tell me
Panasonic make c**p amps/the predocessor was s**t this ones probably the same/Its made by skoda inside/your posts are invisible to the outside world/we can smell your breath etc..

Please any comments



I actually bought the amp from argos to see what DTS/Dolby Digital was like in my house before I went down that path. If you open the box carefully enough and dont damage anything ( I didnt even use the remote) you can try it out and take it back if you dont like it. I just said it didnt fit in my unit, they checked it out and gave me my money back no probs.

I havent really heard anything to compare it to, but it sounded pretty good on the films I tried it on (Gladiator and Fast and Furious main 2).

hope this helps

Thank you Ian

I just brought the next model up from the panasonic shop and now I need some speakers. new post coming soon.

You watch everyone else tell me its poo now ;(

Thanks Very much for bothering to post


One thing to remeber about SAHE70, it doesn't have large speaker cable points. If this isn't a problem, then I say "more power to you". Other, you can always try the SAHE90 which has two fat cable posts (but the rest are still clip-ons).

Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke

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