Panasonice Tuner box specs ?


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What does the new 5 model tuner box do.
Does anyone have the web link as I cant get anything from Panasonics site.

Does it let you do PIP, Text etc.



Jon Weaver

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Its a very interesting question and I too woul be interested in the answer.. I saw on another post that the tuner also has 'SCART' inputs which will accept RGB.

If this is the case then it might be a worthwhile investment, as you won't have to buy a J.S Converter.

Also, as it accepts 'SCART', I am wondering if it will then do 'auto wide switching', which is one of the current reservations that I have.

I look forwards to hearing an answer to this.

Jon, I have actually seen one of the tuners. Its looks great and has 2 RGB scarts and an svideo input. It wasn't turned on but I was told by the Panny dealers I was in that it does teletext, but doesn't have a twin tuner for PIP etc (What a pity). The remote was quite large and lets you do the switching etc so that's good. It uses a big D plug on about a 3m cable from tuner to screen. The dealer had the tuner but no 5 series screens (boo hoo). I've tried Richer Sounds aswell and their new computer system seems useless fo stock/ordering things. The new Panny 2002-2003 catalogue I got from the dealer has the tuner specs in it and says it has 500 page teletext type stuff!
I'm hoping to order a PW5 and the tuner and the pedastal stand as soon as I can find someone who actually HAS THEM! (and I've still gotta persuade the missus)

Jon Weaver

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Tell me about the R.S situation. I am trying to order a 42WP16 or a W5 and they don't have stock, but heir computers don't allow people to place a back-order.

The big problem with the Tuner is the cost.. I have seen prices in the region of £600 and thats just too steep for a tuner (that I will hardly use) and SCART inputs.

Joe Fernand

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Hello all

Still to get the full SP on the new Tuner from Panasonic (TU-PTA600B) - as its only an 'accessory' for the D model 5 Series displays we have still to get anything other than a 'stand alone' purchase price of c£560.

I believe the tuner will 'work' with the 5 Series D model (Charcoal) displays though you have to use up the 5xBNC connectors on the RGB input - this then precludes direct connection of a Component video input; much the same as on the 4 Series with the previous tuner. The problem then being that the old tuner was none too hot as a video switcher and many who purchased it found it better to not have it in the signal chain.

I believe that those wanting to use the new tuner with the new 5 Series B model (Silver) display will specify the display with a Tuner Terminal to enable the tuner to hook into the display with its own proprietary cable - maybe someone out there has one of these new displays and can confirm this.

Again I believe if you spec the tuner terminal on your B model display you loose the RGB/Component video input terminals.

Best regards


PS RS and stock - now theirs an idea; tell everyone we can supply displays at way below the normal street price and then not supply them... starves the competition though :)

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