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I have just got off the phone to Panasonic customer care, after I was offered a nearly new AE300, at a good price. I was suprised at the answers I got for a couple of my queries, and thought they might be of interest to others.

Warranty - this is valid only with the original receipt BUT is non transferable, so if the original purchaser's details do not match the details of the person making the claim under warranty, they may refuse to do the repair (under warranty).

Dead pixels - Their current dead pixel policy states that there can't be 1 lit blue pixel or over (not sure if including) 15 dead pixels in total, and no 2 dead pixels should be together.

This was only one response from the customer care team, so not sure that this is conclusive, as I know some customer care team's answers vary on the person you speak to.

Thought it might be of interest to some of you though.



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how much was the offer? :)


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as per Crispy's question, what sort of price did they offer you m8,



I'm surprised the warranty isn't transferable :confused:

As you say, very hard to pin down the "official" pixel policy - it always seems to vary depending to whom one speaks.

The only conclusion is that pixel defects are acceptable, all the more reason to purchase from a reliable dealer with a pixel guarantee.


Rickyj at Kalibrate

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Hi guys, the offer was for £700 if I could buy by the weekend, and for an almost new UK AE300. I thought this was reasonable. It has now made it to Ebay now, so not sure what the reserve has been set at though.


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Not sure about the pixel info. I phoned them when my panny ae300 had a lit blue pixel and they said this was fine. They said up to 2 pixels of any colour is fine so long as they're not in the middle/centre of the screen, but three or more of any combination would get a replacement.

Techtronics (who I got it from), refused to give me a replacement based on Panasonics policy that up to two lit pixels is ok..:mad:

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