Question Panasonic x750 into Denon x3500 no sound over ARC. Help needed please, details in comments..


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Hdmi input on Panasonic is arc
Same with the output on the denon
Denon has everything turned on in the HDMI section, audio switching on etc.
Panasonic has Viera settings turned on.

Mostly I use my xbox for all media so this hasn't been an issue, but recently I have used the inbuilt TV apps and have found I cannot get sound through the AVR. Even the power on function isn't working, I have to manually turn both devices on.
When I play something on the inbuilt youtube app I can switch the audio manually from TV to home theatre and this turns on the AVR, but no sounds comes through.
Can anyone offer any advice on things I may be missing. I want the AVR to turn on when I turn the TV on and have my inbuilt apps send audio through the AVR.

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