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Panasonic X60 1080/24p support?


Standard Member
Hello there,

My current setup consists of:

Panasonic 42PX60 (approx 7 years old)
Optomo HD82 Projector
Onkyo 875 Receiver.

The Onkyo only has one HDMI output, so I use an HDMI 1to2 output from HDConnectivity - this works fine, except because the TV doesn't support 1080p, the duplicator drops to the lower resolution meaning that the projector won't get 1080p/24p unless I unplug the TV from the HDMI duplicator and reset it - so it picks up the 1080p signal.
The Onkyo will output 1080p/24p fine (but reports Resolution error because the TV won't accept a 1080p signal properly)

So my thoughts to resolve all this is either to get a new receiver that has two HDMI outs or get a new TV that will support the 1080p/24p and the duplicator will be happy.

I don't really want to spend a lot to get a newer receiver as the 875 is great for my needs now.
I don't necessarily need 1080p on the TV as I only watch blu-ray/movies on the projector.

To keep costs down, my thoughts are to look at the new X60 range - with P42X60 only £350.
The question is, although it's only HDReady, does it support the 1080p/24p signal (even though it may not show it properly) - so that the HDMI duplicator will be happy and feed the correct resolution to the Projector.

Does anyone know how the X60 would compare to PX60 I have now - as the X60 is the entry level Plasma would the picture quality be any worse that the current TV (although it's old the processing was very good before all the various ranges came out - I guess the contrast would be improved? but is the processing technology better?) - am I better off spending a more to get an ST/GT? - although I don't need the 3D to be honest.

Thanks in advance,


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Not sure about the rest but yes it takes 1080p and down scales it to 768.

Personally Id go for the ST for better overall PQ(not just res) maybe for take a look at some? The X60 is amazing value but I made the mistake of going value with a PX80 and regretted it, the X60 has more if a dynamic range than the PX80 but still the ST is far better IMO. Your money though and your eyes need to be the judge.;)


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If you didn't want to replace your current plasma you could get a HDMI switch that has programmable EDID, so that you could support the different resolutions of your PJ and plasma. I believe Octava make a switch that is capable of this, but it could cost around £150 though. If you're interested in this option, try asking for advice in the HDMI Cables and Switches sub-forum.


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Thanks for your thoughts guys.
I had a look at an X60 yesterday and agree that it's not as good picture quality wise - appears to have more noise than it should?!

I think I'll try and get hold of an ST or GT.

Mike - good idea about the UDID device but think I'll save the cash for a newer tv.


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