Panasonic without analogue tuner


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Afternoon all,

I purchased a new screen yesterday and technology has moved on quite a bit since I bought my previous plasma 9 years ago.
I have been using a sky rf2 output on my sky box and have failed to realise that my new Panasonic doesn't have an analogue tuner.
My question is there anything I can do to get this function to work with my new screen.

Model no. Is

Any help much appreciated



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Well in that case I'm obviously being a massive t*t and can't access it. I'll have another go when I get home tonight and apologise if I've wasted everyone's times

Thanks for the prompt response



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Press the "TV" button at the top RHS of the remote twice to toggle between DTV and Analogue.


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Hi guys,

So I've tried what you said Jaycee and it still wasn't working, so I found in the menu that I had the add the analogue tuner, must have skipped it by accident or something on auto setup. So that's one step in the right direction.

I now have found my sky on channel 49, but cannot seem to save it to the list when I do a manual tune, or save the channel rename.
Really bizarre but I'm still trying.

Thanks again

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