Panasonic Widescreen & Remote Lockup



Hi everyone

I have a friend (seriously, it's not me) and she bought a Pana 32" widescreen on my recommendation.

She's been having problems with the remote control from time to time. It just locks up and the TV won't respond. Switching the TV off and back on manually seems to provide a temporary cure.

It's not a regular event (maybe twice a week) but it is irritating her.

I've seen mention in this forum of a similar problem and wonder if anybody got a resolution to the issue, either from their dealer or Panasonic.

I've talked to the Panasonic NZ TV tech rep and he doesn't have an answer, and if a solution can't be obtained, she's going to want her money back. (And I'll look like a schmuk for recommending the model to her).


Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke
Might seem silly I know but my Sky digibox remote seemed to stop working the other week only to find on closer eaxamination that one of the buttons was wedged in an "on" position even though the receiver didnt seem to indicate it was receiving a signal.
Its unlikely in your case I know but might be worth a look.
Thanks smallman28, but she's had the remote checked over twice, once byt he retailer and once by Pana NZ, so I'm ruling that out at the moment.

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