Panasonic WD6 at AV-Sales.......good?



I am on the verge of getting the Panny WD6.
Is the AV-Sales offer any good? It certainly looks the cheapest with a SCART board, SCART switcher, high quality SCART lead and wall bracket all for 2688 GBP!!!!! I will need to get a Component board for it as I am also looking for a sub 200 GBP progressive DVD player to go with it!
I am also going to be wanting to rig up my Digibox to it so is a SCART board the best way (I heard somewhere that they are crap) or should I get an RGB converter? (How would I go about this and what board or socket do I use??)
Can anyone recommend a DVD player or has anybody seen a better deal than this?

Cheers guys!
hi I got all the above package from Nexmix for £2,600 next day delivery last week, so yes they are both good deals, I'm not to sure on the scart board I think the RGB to VGA would be alot better but the screen is very good
Getting this package tmrw from av-sales, definitely the best offer I've seen by far along with Nexmix.
you won't be disappointed just turn your contrast down a little for the first 100 or so hours
I can highly recommend nex-nix. Bought mine from them two weeks ago. Delivered next day - £2538 inc delivery & VAT! :cool:

Their deal included the tilting wall mount and component/svideo boards. I didn't want the component/svideo board so they agreed a straight swap for the SCART board instead.

As it happened, I found the SCART board very poor quality so they then swapped the SCART board for an RGB-VGA convertor, free of charge. :clap:

Their customer service is excellent.

Digibox - via JS Technology RGB2VGA or RGB2YUV converter over the SCART board every time.

DVD - I doubt a £200 player will have a better deinterlacer than the one built into the PWD6 so no need to narrow your choice of player to those with Progressive YUV.

YUV - into the PWD6 via the in-built HD15 PC port or the TY-42TM6AB YUV board.

Best regards


mrsimes - if only they had 'looked' at the SCART board in the first place :devil:
I can highly recommend AV-Sales...I also get my PWD6 today and they have been great...

I purchased the screen with the composite/svid/component 2 slot board. Plan to connect DVD into VGA port using BetterCables RCA-VGA port. Plan to connect iScan Ultra to RGBHV/component board using BetterCables VGA-BNC. Then connect NTL digital and xbox to the iScan. Also going to have a good play around swapping with and without (e.g. DVD direct and through the iScan) the ultra to test for the best combination.

Good luck!

FWIW I use the SCART board with my NTL box and think it is fine. Not as good as my prog scan TAG DVD player but then I should hope not! SCART also gives auto aspect ratio switching which you lose if you connect any other way.

I have also had the SCART (and other inputs) calibrated by Gordon Fraser, which made a huge difference.
hi all,

any ideas how best to connect the following ...

dvd player (component out)
sky box / freeview (scart out )
PC (dvi out)

to the panny screen which deal avsales or nexnix would i best accomplish this by !!

oh and finally anyone take out extended warranty either 3rd party of panny ?


Well it's arrived at last so have to spend the day setting it all up! Hopefully should be set up by tonight :smoke:
what about a JL price match, 5 year warranty is worth around £1000, much more that the bracket and bits.

ahhh 5 years piece of mind

Thanks Joe Fernand (and everyones else of course!) for the much needed info, but.......
I have a Toshiba 220e DVD player at the moment which I love because it is great!!!!! It has 'component' outputs. Does this mean that I just rig the frigger up to my new Panny and the screen will de-interlace it in both PAL and NTSC?
Does this mean that I don't need a new DVD player?

Thanks in advance.
dont think that that is a pal Pro player.

Philips 962/3 sa are very good pal Pro players.

have you looked at the price of 5 year warranty?

darren7...... according to Joe Fernand's post above, the player doesn't have to be a 'progressive scan' player because the screen de-codes it into 'progressive scan' itself.
This is the first time I have heard of this so I need to find out.
I thought I would have to buy a new DVD player along with the screen.
Hi Guys,

I'm also looking into purchasing the PWD6 from Nexnix or AV sales but I need to make sure that I can use my Pio 868avi-s via a HDMI to DVI connector & still get up to 1081 lines, i.e like buying the Pio 434 HDE expensive plasma.

On another thread, a fellow member said that this machine would allow this but I've also seen on the Nexnix site the PHD6 which they say is a HDTV ready machine?

which one do I need to see the best direct digital picture via my Pio 868avi-s?



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