Panasonic vt20a - avatar game not playing in 3d - help


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Hi guys. Been directed to this forum because I have been told it has the best members that have a wealth of knowledge. So with that I have a small problem I am hoping a fellow member can help resolve.

Been trying for a few hours to get Avatar to play in 3d but for some reason I can't get it to work. When switching the menu option to 3d, the 3d effects appear but it looks the same with or without the glasses on and it appears that the glasses are not switching on or detecting the 3d.

I can watch a 3d bd through the ps3, but when i change disc to play the avatar game in 3d option on the avatar ps3 game all as i can see is the game switch to 3d but when I put on my glasses, there is no 3d effects, just the fuzzy double images of 3d.

Have checked all my settings and everything seems fine and the fact that the tv is showing the 3d images has me at a loss.

Trying to play it on the Pana vt20a and am wondering if its the tv or the ps3.

I am at a bit of a loss because I can watch a 3d bd but not play a 3d game on the same console.

I know people have played it in 3d, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problems I have and how did you fix it for the same tv or similar?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have also post anther thread in the ps3 section as I am not sure if the issue is PS3 based or Plasma Tv settings.



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