Panasonic VT Scrolling bar


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Hi guys,

I recently purchased A preowned P50VT65 for a spare room which has been calibrated. It’s been fantastic for the last month but just ran the scrolling bar which I do once a week. On start up you could see a couple of horizontal lines we have been watching films over Christmas on and a slight BBC logo but had nothing much. I left the scrolling bar on for about 20 minutes and went downstairs made a sandwich when I came back everything that was there originally had gone but you could just about see two vertical bars running from top to bottom on the screen equal distance apart splitting the screen into 3rds. I checked on some colour slides and it was only visible on two of them are light green and a light blue the majority colours it was fine and you can’t see anything when watching normal TV.

Ive had have a ZT65 as well for the last year, And run the scrawling bar on that all the time with no problems and had no problems for the first month on the VT either.

Anyone else had this happen or know what it could be. Thanks


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Well I ran an evenings tv viewing and check the slides this morning and it’s cleared completely gone I’m pleased to say!

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