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I am new to the forum, but have found the site extremely useful. I am about to buy a 42" plasma and my choices are:
1. Panasonic PW6
2. Hitachi PD5100
3. Hitachi PMA400e

I have seen lots of reference to the Panasonic, but little mention of the Hitachi's

I will only be connecting my DVD to it as I don't have sky etc., so component is a must, which all the above can have.

Does this forum have any suggestions as to which one I should buy and why? There seems little to choose between them, although the Hitachi 400 is the cheapest at £2,200 incl VAT.

Views appreciated


No mention of Hitachi? What! Every other thread contains the word. Opinion is sharply divided on their merits. There have been some recent troubles, but whether they are any more prevalent on Hitachi than other plasmas it's hard to say. The particular fault is certainly a hitachi thing, and potentially hard to deal with as the faulty screens are 'within tolerance'?!? But panasonic have the odd glitch too. Really the 2 screens couldn't be more different and still be plasma screens. Get a demo of them before buying.


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I could tell you my Hitachi is the best Plasma around, but I would be fibbing.........whatever you do please go and see them for yourself, and make sure they have the very best input while you do, its a lot of money and serious mistakes can be made!

I personally liked the Hitachi as I believed it had the "sharpest" picture i had seen on a Plasma which matters to me a lot.

Go see for yourself, please!

Best regards David


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Both great screens, Hitachi gives a very natrual picture, Panasonic more in your face (very contrasty). Panasonic is too low res for me, you need to see both and decide.

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