PANASONIC VIERA TXP50ST30 £599 @ ricahrdsounds


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Read the RS page for this set very carefully. There is a sign on the screen of the pictured set saying you can get that set and 2 pairs of glasses got £699, but if you click on the 'specification' tab, it says the set comes with 2 pairs of glasses as a limited offer, so with a little bit of cheek and blag, I'm wondering if you could argue with the sales person that it is not made clear and that the spec sheet refers to the main page, which is priced at £599.


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I think panasonic are giving away 2 sets of 3D glasses with all their plasmas at the moment, special promotion.


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Sofa-loafer said:
Got one from Cambridge... Bargain!
Did it come with any glasses for £599? I see that the product details have now been amended to state that there aren't any glasses included as standard.
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No glasses... To be honest, I won't use 3d. Awesome with PS3 & Xbox.. bluray is obviously sweet & freeview HD is also a pleasure. Not tried Sky as I've dumped their service. IPlayer also great stuff. Id have bought the 46 if it were on offer but 50 will have to do... There is a very small green blob but its impossible to see unless you but on white background. Couldn't ask for more, especially at £659 with 5 years cover!


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Just ordered myself one of these from John Lewis £699.00 2 x glasses 5 year warranty fantastic, i had a 46 inch st30, sent back really bad green tinge, got myself a sammy UE46D6530 sent back, very bad light bleed all four corners and top to bottom down right hand side, then went for 46 inch TXP46GT30, sent back grey band about 1/1.5 inch wide 10 inches in from right hand side top to bottom, and to be honest there was nothing between the st30, and the gt30, so i thought for £699.00 i would go with the 50 inch st30, and for that price i dont mind the odd little niggle
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