Iron Tusk

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I have just bought one of these and having a few problems (hopefully someone can help)

1. I cannot connect through wireless - I have Virgin and the hub is right behind tv so nothing to do with a weak connection. Every time it asks for my encryption key it fails to connect, Ive got a laptop and set up through wireless and no problems.

2. Virgin control refuses to pair with tv (ive also posted this in virgin forum). I have followed all the steps and it simply does not play ball.

3. I have an openbox v8 which I have connected through HDMI and there is picture but no sound, I have tried all three HDMI slots and all with the same outcome (there is nothing wrong with cable as old tv still works fine).

Does anyone have any quick set up options for the tv? like brightness contract etc?


johnny monk

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I've got an old TiVo remote that has connected to the tv but also had a new remote that won't! Don't know if they've changed something. I've read there's something in settings to do with hdmi that changes the mode I think it was, sorry can't be more help.
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Iron Tusk

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Does anyone have any set up options for the picture? I`ve gone through this website but I don`t have a blu ray with a picture setter.


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image.jpeg I have this tv Panasonic viera tx 55 cr730b and I think the picture quality is appalling. I am at the moment trying to get richer sounds or Panasonic to replace it with a different tv.
The blacks are shocking

Anyone else has this problem ? I've tried expert setting Adobe from richer sounds. And Panasonic. And bought picture perfect blu Ray. All made no difference.

Iron Tusk

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I got mine from Richer sounds. I managed to find some picture settings online for a similar model (still not found any for this particular model though) In your picture it looks all pixelated? is that the actual picture or the quality of the photo? My tv definitely does not look like that if it`s the picture!
I`ll check on my tv later and send you the settings that I use.

Iron Tusk

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These are the settings that I use:
Viewing mode: Cinema
Backlight: 48
Contrast: 80
Brightness: +10 (I had this on zero as well but when using an amazon fire stick I changed to +10)
colour: 50
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 20
Colour temp: Warm2
Vivid Colour: on
adaptive backlight: mid
Ambient sensor: off
noise reduction: Min

Out of interest what settings to do use?


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Richer sound told me to turn all the options off. Like ambient sensor. Vivid colour. MPEG remaster etc . But then Panasonic told me to turn them all on

Backlight 65
Contrast 90
Brightness +2
Colour 70
Tint. -11
Sharpness 45
Colour temp. Cool1


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Tried your settings and I turned intelligent frame creation to max

Blacks look a lot better. But now seams a bit dull in colour.

Thanks for your help

Iron Tusk

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No worries - it I thought the same to be honest. The out the box settings are so bright that when you first adjust them it all looks a bit dull but once you adjust to the new settings the picture overall is a lot better and more realistic.

What does the intelligent frame creation do? I cant remember what mine is on - wiil have to check


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Few days now with the settings and i am still very disappointed in this tv. I arranging and Panasonic approved rep to come and look at it. The worst tv I've ever owned

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