PANASONIC VIERA TX-P50GT30B loud buzzing noise from new tv


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Hi all
I have jus had my new Panasonic tv delivered and I have set it up,the picture is superb not quite what I expected but definately up the good side of the scale , however I have noticed a loud humming noise which I can only presume is the fan and then there is the static noise this is there constantly and gets worse when there is anything on the screen that is white or of a lighter shade. Now I know this is not the best of the Panasonic screen but it was 500 quid either so I need to know is this something that is normal or should I contact currys to come and collect it ? I have binned the box also does this effect the matter oh just one more thing my contrast is not set high it is at the thq standard setting.


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My 46GT30 also buzzes when displaying bright white scenes - this appears to be normal for Panasonic plasmas. I only really notice it when there it coincides with no audio, so fairly infrequently.

My fans don't really hum - I'd describe it more as a 'whirring' and again, this is only noticeable when there is no audio or the sound is muted, so it's not really an issue for me. Fan noise can be dependent on the positioning of your set.

Some sets do seem to have noisier fans than others though and I think it does surprise people, especially when they upgrade from an older plasma or LCD, neither of which tend to have fans so are a lot quieter in operation.

I'd head over to the plasma section, BTW. There is a dedicated GT30 owners thread there where you're likely to get more responses.


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I would be interested if you both have yours on the stand or on the wall ?

Also Carlg, Are you saying you paid £500 for your TX-P50GT30B, or is it a G30,????????????


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I currently have mine on a stand but it's partially recessed into a fireplace, so the back of the TV is only around 10cm from the wall.

When I get chance to mount mine on the bracket I've bought, then it will be closer to 3cm from the wall ! Some people have used sound-deadening material behind their sets if mounting it close to a wall makes sound problems any worse, so I'm prepared to do this if necessary.

I think that Carl meant "I know this is not the best of the Panasonic screen but it wasn't 500 quid either"


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if its a loud NEEEEEEE then it could be to do with the casing resonating.

Years ago I had a similar issue with loud buzzing on my Panasonic Plasma. Solved it by pressing in the casing and adjusting the stand.

Try pressing around the sides.

there's a PX80 thread somewhere with this info and fix.

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