Panasonic Viera P42V20B Issue


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I've had this tv for a few months now and so have finally decided to ask your opinion on what my issue may be.

When watching Sky channels or Sky HD the picture leaves a slight pixelated trail behind fairly fast moving images. I say fast moving images but it could be a fairly slow panning shot.

Is this what is meant by ghosting? I thought this TV was good for not doing that? It doesn't do it when playing blurays through my home cinema system.

Could this be a Sky reception issue? My Input 1 signal strength is full and the quality is a tiny bit off of full. Not sure if this matters but my Input 2 signal strength is next to nothing and the Signal 2 quality is about 3/4 full.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :smashin:


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Is this to do with interlaced and progressive scanning? i.e. for things like football would it be better to set the picture on the sky box to 720p instead of 1080i?


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Have you tried turning off all the picture enhancements ?

I found on my GT 20 this cured various dodgy picture issues!


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Don't think i've changed much in the picture settings. Anything in particular that you can think of?


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Sounds a bit bad for 50hz issue, my V20 didnt show the 50hz issue at all really. Any other things you can notice? phosphor trails? how long has it done this and does it do it with games and/or films?


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not sure what you mean by phosphor trails?

it's done it since I bought it, about 4 months or so. It doesn't do it with games and films from my bluray player, just sky.


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To me, it does sound like 50 Hz issue and my V20 definitely shows it. The only thing that's different is the pixelation bbr is mentioning; I've never seen that on my unit.

I guess what we have here is some combination of "regular" 50 Hz issue and low quality signal (hence the pixelation). I've never owned a LCD screen so I can't judge on their motion resolution, but I must admit I expected a lot more from this TV in that regard: whenever there is panning or something moves across the screen (and it doesn't have to be very fast, although the faster it moves the nastier it gets), the borders of faces and things get all blurry. And I can't say whether it's worse on SD, where significant parts of picture simply "smudge" on fast pans, or HD where it ruins the fine detail. Also, the problem exists on 24p blu-rays also, but to a lot lesser extent. Only the 60 Hz signal seems to be completely free from it.

BTW, after 13 months and some 2.500 hours of use, there is no noticeable MLL rise yet, and so-called "floating blacks" are extremely rare. The colours and contrast are excellent. I'd be overjoyed with this TV if there weren't for this 50 Hz problem. It would be great if Panasonic could solve, or at least reduce the issue through some new firmware, like they did with floating brightness on 2011 models, but I don't think we'll see that.
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