Panasonic Viera Owners: Software Problem?




I'm currently experiencing a strange issue with a Viera television, in which Panasonic are refusing to acknowledge or support. I'd appreciate it if fellow Panasonic Viera owners could try and replicate this issue, if they have the same equipment. Even if they don't, it'd be interesting to see any other results with differing equipment, to try and isolate this issue.

My TV: TH-42PX70B

The issue:
When attempting to use an old NTSC/multi-region console via RGB Scart connection, the image is shifted approximately 2 inches to the left, making the games unplayable due to not being able to see the entire viewable game area. If you switch AV inputs incredibly quickly, you can clearly see that the image is perfectly centered for a split second, and then for some bizarre reason shifts itself to the left.

Device/Hardware Configuration:
Sony Playstation (yes, the OLD style one). Modchipped to play games from all regions. This behaviour only occurs when attempting to play NTSC games on the console.

Other notes:
I've had the privilege of being able to test this on a TH-42PX700 in a shop, and the same issue occurs. I have taken the exact same console and tested it on both a CRT television (works fine), and a Philips LCD HD television (also works fine). I think it's therefore pretty logical to assume that this is a Panasonic Viera software issue, which is probably easily fixed via a software update.

Upon searching the forums I also found a post from someone experiencing the same issue with a Dreamcast console. Unfortunately that was quite some time ago, and the OP hasn't responded to my messages.

If anyone has an old console that has been modified to play games from all regions, can you please test this for me? Or does anyone have any ideas why this behaviour occurs? The TV specifications clearly state that it should support NTSC signal inputs, so I can't think of any legitimate reason why this happens.

Thanks for your time.


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I had this problem on an old Viera LCD screen. It was with playing import games on my Sega Dreamcast. I could only cure it by running the feed through S video instead of scart. Im not sure if the same would work for you and Im not sure why there was a problem running through scart in the first place. Sorry I cant be more specific, Im sure someone will reply who can shed more light on the subject.


Hmmm, interesting, thanks for the response!

Fortunately I have an S-Video cable for the console, so I'll get hold of the adaptor and give it a try.

Still, this does seem like a Viera range issue, and it bothers me that we have to go fiddling around with adaptors and convertors in order to resolve a problem which should never occur. If other TV sets work fine natively, why can't this one? :(

For those rare exceptions when everything can't work properly, at least give us the option to align the image manually!

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