Panasonic Viera HDD Playback Jerky...


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I recently purchased a Panasonic AX820B TV and have been trying to playback 4K video from a USB3 external hard drive.

The drive plays 1080p content OK, but when I try playing a 4K video with a higher bitrate I get jerky playback. I have tried several hard drives all with the same result.

Normally I would just assume that the drive was not capable of delivering the data fast enough to keep up with playing a high bitrate file. However if I copy the same 4K file to to a USB2 memory stick the video plays OK with no jerky problems!

I assume the memory stick is slower at delivering data than a hard drive and of course USB2 is much slower than USB3, so I am a bit confused as to why this is happening.

Could anyone give me some advice please?

I have found in the past that the soundtrack can sometimes cause problems, so I also tried re-encoding that to a simple stereo stream, but that made no difference to the above.



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Were the HDD's you tried externally powered?, e.g. had their own power supply and not powered by the TV's USB?

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