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Connecting to the Viera cast seems to be the topic of many posts,but my problem doesn't seem to have been covered. As a complete technophobe I had a nice man from the Panasonic dealer that I bought my Panasonic TX-PG42GT30B from, to install (cost me £40). He set it all up everything worked, Except I can't connect to my computer. I keep getting connection has failed message. My little man was baffled and left telling me he would try to find someone who could help. You can guess the rest!!!!

Anyway even my dizzy female brain tells me that I must me connected otherwise I couldn't use BBC I player etc.
As a keen photographer with hundreds of photos on my computer I am eager to see them on my 42 inch screen!

When I use Viera tools, media server, I am taken to a screen which lists brisan -pc which I assume is the name I gave my computer many moons ago. Unfortunately every time I try to select it I get the message connection to server failed. I am using a BT home Hub 2.0 router and on the back is listed a wireless key(wap) number and also Admin password.
When my little man set up the connection the password didn't work but when he entered the wireless key the system said connection had been completed. There was no further opportunity to enter a password. Could this be the problem and if so any Ideas how I can get back into my settings to add this info - or is this something that BT could help me with? Sorry to be so long winded but it must be obvious that I haven't got a clue any help at all would be much appreciated

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Forty quid to press a button on the TV & let it find a router via wifi? I'm in the wrong job... You are right, if you can view iPlayer then it is connected. My guess is it's the media server side of things that are proving more difficult.

First up in the menu, look for "Connection Settings" & test the connection to ensure your TV is online. If it fails & you feel brave you can easily search for your router & get your TV online. In the menu again under network, search for access point, SSID is the router name (if you're unsure which is yours, on your laptop, go to menu, connect to & see which one your laptop is connected to), input the access code (password, or "wireless key" as BT insist on calling it) & eventually your TV will test the connection & give a series of ticks - you are then good to go. It does sound to me like it is already connected, so this is how to view your photos via the media server:

Assuming your TV is connected to the network, this is how to view your pics (using Vista). Open any folder - create a new one on the desktop if you have to. Under the heading "favourite links" on the left hand side will be a series of blue folders called Documents, Pictures, Music etc. Click on the one called Pictures (there will probably be another folder inside called "sample pictures". Create a new folder, call it whatever you like, I'll use "brisan1938 pics" for now. Inside your new folder called "brisan1938 pics" create folders for your photos, name them accordingly & put the appropriate pics into each folder.

Now, on your TV when you go to media server, brisan -pc, Pictures, Folders, "brisan1938 pics" you will see the folder names you have created ...and away you go.

I've never had a network as such before & I haven't yet had proper chance to play with Vista media sharing properly to make it share movies & photos etc from folders of my choosing, with what little messing I've tried so far, it only seems to like doing it via the above method.

Good luck :)
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Thanks for your reply tried putting file on desk top as suggested with no luck.
I am using Windows 7 and I should be able to access my files from windows media center, I have followed the instructions given in the TV Manual and am sure that if I could connect to my pc that I would see the photos. I am definitely connected as I have just used viera cast and was able to watch downloads from youtube. Its as if the TV picks up my pc ( otherwise how would to bring up the name ie brisan-pc? ) but I am unable to get into it. Perhaps I need to do something with my computer. Any Ideas.

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I think you probably haven't switched on sharing on your laptop.

Turn on your TV so that it can be picked up by your laptop. On your laptop start menu, open "Network". Right click on "Brisan-pc" (ie the name of your laptop) then select "Open Media Sharing". This will open up a window called "Media Sharing".

Click the button called "Networking" & you will find yourself in a screen called "Network & Sharing Centre" (nb there are other ways to get here, this is just one way to do it). Ensure that the following are switched on "Network Discovery", "File Sharing", "Public Folder Sharing", "Media Sharing". Within each, click the arrows to the right & select whatever settings you feel are relevant.

Back in the "Media Sharing" window you opened earlier, tick the box called "share my media to" & below here you should see the devices that your laptop has found on your network, there should be one called "Viera..." or something similar. Tick this & click "Allow" & OK.

Next you need to create your folders for your photos using the method I described above last night & you should be good to go. I still have to suffer crappy Vista rather than the joys of Win7 but the basic principle should be pretty similar.

NB You don't need to put a file on your desktop, the purpose of doing that was just to gain quick access to the public folders in Windows (open any folder & on the left you will see them in blue, called "Documents", "Pictures", Music" etc. That was just the easiest way to describe how to get there :))
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HI Blue Ray

Many thanks for your patience with me, I think I am almost there (Hooray). Did as you suggested and and switched to sharing. Great!
Just one more problem I can see the folders under Brisan-PC Music, Pictures etc. If I select "all music" I have just 3 Items. These items are on the computer in the users\public folder\public music\samples Same thing with videos
but when I select "all pictures" there are none. On the computer there is a sample folder in the public pictures folder but unlike the others I cant see them in Viera.

I tried to create new folders with my music, video files etc and copied them to the relevant public files but they don't show up, I just see those from the sample folder.

This is so frustrating, you have put me on the write path but I am doing something wrong when trying to add my own folders any Ideas please ?

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