Panasonic VCR NV-HD675 - problem accepting tape



When ejecting a tape, the tape came out of the cassette and got tangled inside. i got it out easily, but since then, when i try to insert a tape - after briefly trying to id it, the machine pushes it str8 back out. It does this whether its pre-recorded or a recordable tape.
Can anyone give me advice on what action i can take to solve the problem myself please?
Note please, i have no experience of fixing stuff like this, but hopefully can follow simple layman instructions



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Note please, i have no experience of fixing stuff like this

In that case I would recommend you do not have a go yourself.
VCR mechanisms can be quite complex and if you want it fixed take it to an experienced TV engineer.


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Rather than being the cause of your current problem, the initial tangle was probably symptomatic of something having failed and or fallen out of adjustment; the same thing is now causing your failure to load.

Unless the machine is otherwise in particularly good order or cherished for another reason, a repair is unlikely to be cost-effective. If you can find one, new VHS machines are very, very inexpensive.


thanks for your replies guys, i was hoping it was something simple that i could fix easily myself. i like this vcr, so i dont want to throw it out and i dont wanna pay someone if its just a simple fix - but if i have to, i will.

i have opened up the case and found this spring that has come off from its intended location - so im just wondering if u know where its supposed to go, its obviously supposed to exert tension on something.
Any ideas?


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There are around 6-12 springs in VCR mechanisms but that looks like it could be the spring which tensions the "Back Tension Arm".
As you look at the top of the tape deck (with the cover removed) when the tape is inserted and the carriage goes down 2 tape guides (usually white-coloured rollers) move forward and wrap the tape around the video head drum...just to the right of the left-hand guide there is a (usually chrome-coloured) arm which moves to the left and tensions the tape...this arm pivots at its middle on a chassis post or cut-out and the end of the arm has a post where the spring clips on should be able to work out where the other end of the spring attaches to if you study the layout of the chassis in this area...alternatively call in an engineer.

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