Panasonic V20 Plasma & Onkyo TX-NR609 Combination


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Hi Folks,

Does anyone here have aforementioned combo,and perhaps more importantly,are there any fundamental issues I should be aware of prior to hooking everything up?

I'm currently using a Non-HDMI Pioneer AV-Receiver,and get both real and pseudo 5.1,depending on the source.

My current connections,direct to the TV are:-

An old sky non-HD box with sky card inserted,but no paid subscription,hooked up via scart,permanently on ch410 (Eurosport),just to update the EPG for a Pioneer DVD recorder.

Pioneer DVD recorder - HDMI 1 - Also connected to receiver via optical audio

Blu-Ray Player - HDMI 2 - Also connected to receiver via optical audio

WD Home media Player - HDMI 3

PC Graphics card (which incorporates audio) for Mezzmo software video server - HDMI 4

Plus of course a recently upgraded roof aerial,and the original sky satellite dish,both of which appear to work perfectly for Freesat HD & Freview HD,or at least as perfectly as Panasonic deem appropriate.

Basically,as the TV already has most of the appropriate connections,is it going to be worthwhile pulling 'em out,and connecting (almost) everything to the Onkyo by HDMI,and then one HDMI connection back to HDMI 2 (ARC apparently) on the TV?
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