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Are there any sites on the web that do a detailed side by side feature list of the Panny E30 and Philips 880/890. Also are there any reviews, either singly or comparrison, available?

With the two Philips machines are there any differences in the input/output connectors available (other than the firewire port)?

With the Panny I have read that it has more advanced edditing functions, but I have not found anywhere that fully lists them. What can it do that the Philips can't (not including time slip)?

Do both the Scart ports on the Panny handle Input and Output, or is one Output only?

Are there any dramatic differences/disadvantages with using S-Video and Audio Composite connectors over Scart to output to the TV?


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Do a search on this forum; this topic is discussed on a near daily basis and you shoudl find plenty of information...


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Interesting thing I have noticed is that all high st. stores that I have seen that stock both Panny and Philips DVD R's seem to agressively push the Philips and only mention if at all the Panny.
This was highlighted in Oz when my brother went to buy the Panny on my recommendation and the person in the shop tried to force the Philips on him saying it was the better machine??? How could this be even if you discount the time slip function? Just looking at the basic recording functions says they are on equal terms at least! Then the usual crap about the Philips format being more established came out when at the moment there is no clear winner there either!!
So my brother still bought the Panny but from another shop.
But looking at this way, if your average punter who does not know exactly what he wants goes to any high st store then he will get the Philips pushed on him.
So looking at it this way the Philips format will win in the end......
My guess is Philips must be giving some sort of sales incentive to their recorders and Panny aren't causing the above?


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I totally agree; in fact, you have to look hard to find teh Panny in any of the shops. Philips have clearly got their marketing in high gear; (see my earlier post on their re-writing history by calling the CD formats CD+R and CD+RW). Panasonic, on the other hand, seem to be half asleep.

As I've previously said though, unlike video formats, there really is no format war to win here; all DVD discs (even RAM discs without their cartidges) have identical dimensions, meaning it's just a case of machines having mutli-read capability, which newer machines will almost certainly get going forward.

Philips already advertise that their machines play dvd-r discs; if they play unfinalised dvd-r discs, then this is indeed good; if they just play finalised dvd-r discs, then it's simply more irrelevant advertising, as a finalised dvd-r disc is just a satbdard dvd-video disc, and will therfore play on most machines...

There; off my chest...


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Both scarts on the E30 are in and out, but only AV1 is RGB out - AV2 is composite only I think (haven't tested for s-video).

Both can record RGB, s-video or composite (selectable in set-up), but AV2 can only input a PAL RGB signal - AV1 can record PAL or NTSC.



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My advice. Take the Philips off your shopping list and go for the Panny. When you edit on the Panny you get the edited space back which the machine can use.

You can edit any part of a recording. Even if it's only 10 second from the middle you can take it out. Most importantly when you play back your edited material you can choose "Seamless playback" so you don't get the picture pauses at the edit points as you would on the Philips. The Panny is by far far the best choice format in my oppinion.

The Philips is linear (Like tape). The Panny is ranom access and in that sense resembles a hard drive. It should not take much working out which is the better.


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