Panasonic v JVC


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Hi All,

Looking to buy either

Panasonic NVGS 90 EB-S

What do you think?

I believe the JVC has no USB2 so transfer to PC could be a pain. It does have a night mode and can take a pic durring video.

The Panasonic has o.i.s, usb2 a low lux of 2 but no night mode.

I want a camera to video my new daughter indoors and out at a cost between £200 and £300.

Not to botherd about taking pics just want good video. Want to keep budget low as may buy a new one in few years giving 1080p as they get cheaper.

Thank you for your time.


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I believe the JVC has no USB2 so transfer to PC could be a pain.

USB2 is not the best way to transfer footage to a PC from a DV camcorder.

The correct way is to use the DV out Firewire (IEEE1394) which both these camcorders have. If your PC does not have a Firewire port then a suitable card/ board can be purchased for around £10 - depends whether you have a desktop or laptop.


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The Panasonic may have USB , but it is not for transferring video from the tape to PC.. for that you still need firewire
It is for use as a webcam
Its lower lux rating is actually 6 lux. The lower light mode of 2 lux may have very little practical use
OIS is fine and worth advertising if it works as promised

Subjectively , I often struggle to get excited about JVCs budget camcorders and , lately even the midrange ones .( like the HD7) which are very wel specified but dont seem to deliver as much as they promise
The bottom line is that they are both entry level camcorders and compared with similar Canon/Sony products ( a tad costlier;) dont expect them to win any awards for video quality,
The more pocket friendly kit tend to struggle with indoors video TBH


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Thanks for the info guys.

Looks like I may have to look again. Any suggestions if I push my budget up to £300?

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