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I'm the owner of a 50DX750B and am currently in discussion with Panasonic UK Customer Services regarding the motion judder issue (the one that affects scrolling text, head turns, etc on 25Hz broadcasts and can be "fixed" by enabling Game Mode)

This has been discussed here on many threads and affects multiple 2016 Panasonic TVs both LCD and OLED.

I made this video to demonstrate the issue, recording it at 120fps to show the issue more clearly:

Panasonic are saying that they can't see the problem in any of the clips, and are asking me to send it again but not slowed down. That's fine, but it's so obvious to me I can't believe they can't see it. I even asked them to use the YouTube function to play at 2x, but they still can't see a problem.

Am I being stupid? I'd be interested to hear what you guys think. I've put full and explicit information in the video description, including timings etc and what to look out for.

Many thanks all!


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I’m not sure I can see the problem in the posted clip. But there could be lots of reasons for that. Not least because 120 divided by 25 doesn’t produce a whole number.

But motion handling of 25 FPS (actually 50i) is the poor cousin when it comes to TVs. You don’t say if this is from an App (BBC iPlayer for example) or from the Digital Terrestrial Tuner (Freeview HD) or an external source such as Sky.

Several App platforms transcode 50i to 60p on the fly, and this definitely introduces very noticeable motion judder.

You say the problem doesn’t occur in Game mode. Game mode switches off excessive progressing to speed-up lag time. It’s probably that in other modes your TV usually applies frame interpolation or some similar progressing in an effort to ‘improve’ the image or motion. But this often doesn’t work well with 50i content. I would try using a cinema or custom mode and then switch off progressing features one by one, and you probably find which option introduces the problem - you’ll then have more info to give to Panasonic, or you may decide you prefer it with all the progressing disabled (I always switch off all ‘fancy’ progressing features - they all introduce some problems).




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I had the same thing with my set even with all processing turned off. I just turned game mode on and never gave it another thought though

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