Panasonic ub820 not streaming 4K from Prime app


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When I watch ‘UHD’ content on Prime and I check the streaming data on my TV (LG CX OLED) it’s telling me that it’s HDR but only 1080p.

Anyone know how to stream from the ub820’s Prime app in 4K? Or is my TV lying?

Also, the Prime interface looks pretty low-res, like it’s 1080 at best, but the same interface on the TV looks higher res, probably 4K. Are there limitations to the streaming apps on the ub820?



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Is your wi-fi/broadband speed stable and fast enough to stream in 4K/UHD on other devices without issues ? HDR content should obviously be UHD, but I'm not sure what happens if your speed isn't sufficient to start with or drops mid-stream - I would have thought it would either pause/buffer or possibly revert to 1080p SDR but I don't know for sure. Different streaming services may also handle a drop in / lack of bandwidth in different ways.

I would just use the TV's own Prime app personally as it's probably less likely to give you issues. I don't have a Panasonic Blu-ray player but I don't think the apps on their machines are particularly well-regarded.


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I have noticed the same problem with my new ub820. Prime looks fine from my Roku Ultra just inches away from the Blu-ray player, so I'll continue to use the Roku for HDR content.

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