Question Panasonic ub700/900 single pop through speakers when reading a disc

Adam Belcher

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Hi fellas, I now have a pana ub900 after returning a 700 because of a loud pop through the speakers when reading a disc. To my dismay I'm now experiencing exactly the same from my 900 :-(

I have a Sony 55XD93 connected straight to the UB900 with an audioquest pearl cable. I also have a Sony HT-NT5 connected through the arc channel with an Amazon basics high speed 2.0.

If I disconnect the sound bar I get the same pop through the TV speakers so we can rule the sound bar out as the issue.

Is this in any way normal?? the pop is pretty loud and can make me jump. I'm pretty new to high end(ish) A/V stuff so any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks Adam.


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I had a similar problem on an old Panasonic Freeview DVD recorder. Whenever I loaded a pre-recorded disc for playback I would hear a pop through my a/v system's speakers. I asked Panasonic about and was told that it was 'normal', and I had the same issue on two samples of the device. At the time, I was connecting via toslink (pre HDMI days) so if you're using that method try HDMI. It wasn't a loud noise, just annoying.



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No such problems with my UB900 with LG tv

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