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Panasonic TXPB50C CRT/IR remote Probs

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Tony_Anon, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Tony_Anon


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    Bought a Panasonic 32PB50C from currys about a year ago. Couple of months ago noticed a high-pitched buzzing electrical-sounding noise from the back which got steadily worse. At one point it was so bad, you had to put tv volume up. About the same time, I noticed it wouldn't start with the remote in the morning (was on standby all night). When it did, I could only switch it on but couldn't press any menu buttons/volume control etc.
    After about 30 mins, it all started working ok. Currys technician came out and had a look. Said it had to be taken away.
    He said the PB50C (built-in Dolby 5.1) isn't one of their best ones and he'd never heard of it! About 4 weeks later, it came back apparently with a new CRT and IR receiver board/chip on TV. Same thing happened again! Noise from back and remote probs. They said the CRT cost 600 quid!
    I don't think they did jack s*** with it. Also, I heard that some models actually have a phillips tube in them! I got the tv replaced via warranty and went for sony. Almost all my electrical items are
    Panasonic. I won't be buying them again! I even emailed Panasonic and got no reply. Terrible customer relations.

    Has anybody else had picture/remote control probs with the PB50C?
  2. mansell

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    Feb 11, 2002
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    Hi Tony , I had three of these until I gave up and got a refund

    the first one had a buzzing noise, this was fixed (set was only days old when they took it away for repair) . However some months later I noticed a mark on the inside of the tube so i got it replaced.

    2nd set had a great picture but bad geometry

    3rd set had a bad picture so I got my mony back

    I can't remenber if i had a remote problem but I do know panny had a known issue with buzzing scan coils on this set .

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