Panasonic TXL42E5B led - Dark picture on sky sd

Don Panasonicho

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Hi, I've read through all the excellent advice on your pages, but one thing niggles at me.

I am delighted with freeview hd and freeview non hd. However, sky sd is considerably darker using the exact same settings as the other two. The settings are, Viewing Mode - Cinema, Colour Balance - Warm, Vivid Colour - Off, C.A.T.S. - Off, P-NR - Off.

The scart lead used to connect sky to my tv is a decent quality one. I thought all three (freeview hd + freeview non hd + sky sd) would look similar, with sky sd a little bit worse than freeview hd obviously.

Have I done something wrong, or will I have to get used to dull looking sky channels?

We have to use a communal dish, so upgrading to sky hd is out.

Any helpful advice appreciated.

Thank you.

Stuart Wright

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Having followed step 1 and 2 of PicturePerfect, you will have set your TV up ready for step 3.
In step 3, we will tell you how to adjust the brightness, contrast, colour, tint and sharpness.
It's likely that these settings in of all your boxes will be slightly different, so it should be of no particular surprise that the picture looks slightly different from one box to the next.
This is why TVs usually allow you to set those controls up differently for each input.
In step 1 we told you to change the picture mode to cinema, movie or THX for all the inputs used on your TV.
Similarly in step 3, we will tell you to repeat the process of setting up the brightness, contrast, colour, tint and sharpness for each of the inputs being used so they are all correct.
It sounds like the brightness setting for the Sky Scart input might need to be set a tad higher than the brightness setting for either of the other two inputs.
What's good is that you are looking carefully and noticing the picture quality. When we publish step 3 soon, you should be able to get a consistent picture.

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