Panasonic TXL42DT50B to Onkio NR414 - Internet TV sound issue

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Good Morning,

new to this forum

we have set up the above and all is working great via Sky & X-box we have plugged in but then it dawned on me that when I watch TV from the internet or you tube etc the sound comes out of the telly and not the surround system system.

I presume as the X-Box and Sky are HDMI outputs and are linked to the Onkio but the Internet part of the TV isn't.

anyone had this issue? can anyone help at all?

thank you


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You either need to make an optical audio connection from your TV to your AV receiver or utilise the ARC capabilities of the HDMI interfaces of your TV and AV receiver.

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: HDMI 1.4 :: Audio Return Channel

What is HDMI ARC? And What Does It Do For Your HDTV? | HD Guru

ARC (Audio Return Channel) enables audio sourced via a TV to be output by that TV and conveyed back to an AV receiver via the HDMI cable normally only used to convey video from the receiver to the TV. In order to activate ARC you need to turn HDMI Control (CEC) and HDMI ARC on via both the TV's and the AV receiver's HDMI settings.Panasonic call their implementation of HDMI Control Viera Link and Onkyo refer to it as RIHD.

This may be of some help when trying to determine which settings you need to alter on the TV when wanting to use ARC:

Also note that you need to use the ARC enabled HDMI input on the TV in order to utilise it.
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