Bargain Panasonic TX65GX700B thoughts?


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Hi all,

I've done some searches and really can't find much info or reviews on the Panasonic TX65GX700B on this forum or elsewhere really.
There appears to be a good deal running at the moment @ £524 via the eBay store with voucher. See here

I'm comparing this set to the Sony 65XG8505 or 65XF9005 or similar Sony models within range. Does anyone have any comments or personal reviews on the Panasonic TX65GX700B to share please?


PS: if from the replies, this is not a bargain buy then I'll remove the prefix.
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65XF9005 is more advanced TV of course. GX700 is low budget model
Yeah, that's evident in the price too: 65XF9005 @ ~£999 vs GX700 @ £524.
Just wondering how good a screen the Panasonic GX700 is and if it's fair to be paying £524 for it (good value for money)?


GX700 is good enough for its price. I have 58GX700 and it delivers nice picture in True Cinema mode.

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