Question Panasonic TX58EX700B buzzing sound with Sky Q


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My new Panasonic is producing a high pitch sound when changing channels in sky cinema with the parental lock enabled furthermore, the same noise come on when leaving a recording by hitting the back button.

I have tried few things under sky sound/visual settings and the result is as follow.

Bith Dolby options triggers the tv to produce this annoying noise however setting it to standard resolves the issue.

I have changed my HDMI to rule out any bad connexion but I still unhappy that I have to be on standard sound for my new tv sound to work properly.

Has anyone figured out a better fix whilst still using Dolby sound?


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There's no real benefit to setting the Sky box HDMI audio to “Dolby D” if you're just feeding it to a standard TV, it's really meant for an external audio system and speakers or a soundbar.


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Except you are supposed to be able to feed Sky, Apple TV and others into a TV - and then go onto a sound bar for 5.1 or Dolby Atmos etc.... I am running Sky on stereo (booo) and everything else 5.1
Sky causes my Panasonic OLED to BEEEEPPP when the Sky plays silence or you switch channel.


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Passes through other DD though. Old cheap Panasonic and a new Samsung work fine but a Panasonic too of the line OLED didn’t work in 2017.


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Then I'd be asking Sky for a reduction in my monthly payments until such time as they can fix it, especially as they know about it. It's a bit rich asking customers to pay for a problematic service, but then of course we are talking about Sky ...


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