Panasonic TX55gz950B Recent loss of access to YouTube and other sites


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Panasonic TX55gz950B Recent loss of access to YouTube and other sites

I have a Panasonic TX55gz950B Purchased Nov 2019. Up until about 10 days ago I had easy access to YouTube and Itechmedia but suddenly I lost the ability to make the connections. I can access them on a Samsung tablet, a PC and a Samsung phone, it appears to be only the Panasonic TV that is unhappy. I have tried switching off for a complete minute and also reinstalled the YouTube App, but no joy. Other sites are accessible such as BBC News but it takes time to load and pictures take a long time to appear, other sites seem to operate normally, e.g. Netflix.

I got the TV from Richer Sounds and they suggested that possibly Panasonic had problems with licensing for YouTube, does anybody have any suggestions.



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I've got no issues using the YouTube app on my GZ950, so I don't think the problem lies with Panasonic. I can't comment on any issues with the browser though because I don't use it.

You could try a factory reset to 'shipping condition' and checking your GZ950's privacy settings via the setup menu - I seem to remember I had to set it to Low to get iPlayer to work when I first set the TV up.

You could also try rebooting your router.


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To Mikej

Thanks for advice, I tried setting to shipping condition and it worked. It did delete my apps, but it only took a few minutes to restore them. Thank you

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