Question Panasonic TX55EZ952B Problem with sound to sound bar


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Hi. I am new to this forum and hopefully i can get some help.
a couple of months ago, I bought the following
Panasonic TX55EX952B
LG SJ9 soundbar
Panasonic DPUB 320

I have my Sky box connected directly to the TV by HDMI
the Blu ray is connected to the soundbar by HDMI
the TV is connected to the sound bar by HDMI ARC

When i first got the equipment everything seemed fine ( apart from some lip syn issues with sky)
then after a couple of weeks, when watching Netflix directly on the TV, the sound started breaking up on the soundbar after about 2 mins. The sound is constantly like it is being turned on and off.
I tried Netflix from the DVD player and that was perfect through the soundbar.
I found if i turned everything off, unplugged it for a while and turned it all back on then the sound from the TV to the soundbar while watching Netflix was fine the first time you watched it but then if you logged back in the next day the sound problem returned.

I called Richer sounds a couple of times (and they were very helpfull and continue to be). They suggested to try different cables ( which i had already done) and to do a factory re set on the TV.
I did the factory reset and the problems got worse !

When i turned the equipment on, there was no sound via ARC from the TV to the sound bar.
In the sound menu, the option to select home cinema wasnt even there.
After turning various pieces of equipment on and off, i found that if i left the TV on, unplugged the soundbar then turned it back on then the ARC came back on and the sound played from the TV to the sound bar again. When i tried Netflix, the sound was ok the first time i logged in but the day after, the sound was breaking up again.
I have had to do this a couple of times in the past week to get the sound back through the soundbar.

Another suggestion was to plug an optical cable from the TV to the soundbar and unplug ARC ( as a test). I did this and the sound was fine fromt he TV and Netflix.

I am suspecting this is a problem with ARC possibly on the TV. Any suggestions ?


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I have the same problem (I don’t mean to hijack your thread) and I’ve updated to the latest firmware as per previous recommendations for other issues with Netflix, however this has not fixed this issue. I have version 3.1 installed.


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New firmware 3.211 has just been released. It doesn’t say what it specifically fixes apart from improve network applications, so could be worth a try.


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Hi Gopher5442
i have more or less fixed the problems (with the help of Richer Sounds).
initially i called Panasonic who eventually sent an engineer out to replace the board in the TV - that didnt work. The engineer said he would report back to Panasonic and i never heard back from them - great customer service !!!
in the end we worked out that although the tv said it was on the latest firmware it wasnt.
Richer sounds sent me a link to download the latest firmware onto a usb stick which i then manually updated the tv with.
Straight away, the TV connected to the sound bar.
As for Netflix, instead of using the Netflix button on the remote, press Apps, and go into Netflix that way. I found that the sound was perfect doing it that way ( it still breaks up on my TV if i use the Netflix button)
Everything worked ok for a couple of weeks then little niggling problems started to come back.
Sometimes the soundbar wont go stright to Arc when i switch the TV on and sometimes it doesnt work at all. I have had to fully reset the TV and sound bar at least once a week to get everything back and working ok but it is much better than it was.
To be honest i am dissapointed with the way the TV and soundbar have performed together after spending almost £3k on them. For that money it should just work.

try the link below that Richer sounds sent me to manually update and hopefully this will do the trick

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