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Panasonic TX42G10L switching off issue

Tea 1000

Standard Member
Hi guys, I've read the thread(s) about the flickering issue with the G10 models, and although I have seen that on my TV, this issue is different. Last weekend my TV decided to turn itself off, then back on instantly. This problem increased from happening once or twice the first day to 3 or 4 times the second day, and even sometimes twice within an hour.
So I brought it back to the local Panasonic shop where I bought it, and they gave me a temporary replacement TV to keep me going. The replacement is I think a PV70 model, so it's either the last gen model or the generation before the G10 series. I got the PV70 last Wednesday, and on Saturday evening it too switched itself off. On Sunday the problem got much worse. To the point where it was switching off every 10 minutes or so.
When it came back on, it was kind of half on, with a black screen. After a minute or two it would finally respond a little to remote control inputs, but not properly. It was not moving up and down the menu options, and sometimes it would start and then stop again. Switching it off myself at the button and on again would resolve the problem for a few minutes.
My setup is as follows: Denon AVR 1910 into the TV. Then an Xbox 360, Sky plus box, Panasonic BD-60 blu-ray player and a HTPC into the Denon. (all HDMI except for the Sky Plus box, which is composite for video and optical for audio).
The PC is running Windows 7 64-bit, with a Gigabyte HD Radeon 4850 1GB card. It's the newest addition to the line up, the G10 was in situ for 3 months as was the Denon, so I'm leaning towards blaming the PC. However even now with everything plugged out of the TV except for Sky in directly via Scart the TV still switches off intermittantly, leading me to think that something actually broke it.
Has anyone seen anything like this before? On a couple of instances when the TV would turn off, and I turned it back on and pressed AV on the Panasonic remote to change source from analog to AV1 or HDMI the Denon changed its source from Sky to Blu-Ray input for some reason. Only after the TV was turned on though. It hasn't happened when I tired pointing the remote to the Denon directly, in case there was a case of mixed up infra red signals.
I'm kinda at a loss, I don't know if the Denon is the root cause, or if the PC is the root cause, or maybe its nothing to do with either and dodgy power in the house has half fried two Panasonic TV power supplies.
Any help will be greatfully accepted!!
On the brighter side, when my G10 comes back the flicker issue should be solved with the firmware update, but I don't want to break the power issue again...

Tea 1000

Standard Member
Update - OK, so last night I tried just connecting the PC to it and was watching for about 3 hours, no issues. I'll try again tonight for a bit longer, and after that I'll try with the Denon.
No one has seen this at all, no?

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