Panasonic TX42G10B plasma randomly loses input


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Hi, this is my first post i was hoping someone will be able to help me.
my TX42G10B has started to play up on me, every so often(2 or 3 times a day) it will just go black. the green light is still on at the front. After a few minutes the HDMI1 box will display in the top left corner and the picture will come back on. While the screen is black I can't do anything, the remote will not change input or volume or anything, the indicator light flickers when I press a button on the remote but nothing happens. I have the tv connected by HDMI to an ONKYO TX-NR807 AMP and when the picture is black the sound is still coming through the amp ok. Has anyone else had this problem or know anything I could try to resolve the problem?



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Sorry, I forgot to add that this problem also occurs each time I turn the TV on, it takes about 1 min or so for the picture to come on the TV even though I can hear the Program through the amp.

thanks again


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For some reason the TV/Amp. appear to be having problems negotiating a stable HDMI hand shake. If you have been using this Amp. with the TV for some time then without issue it clearly will not be a FW problem. It could be either an HDMI problem on either the TV or Amp.

It could also be a faulty HDMI lead but it's fairly unlikely, just make sure the lead to the TV is firmly into the sockets both ends. Also try a different HDMI socket on the TV to see if the issue carries on.

It might also be worthwhile giving Onkyo a call to see if they have had similar cases reported.

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