Panasonic TX42G10 - very much a newbie!

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After a long time considering all aspects of purchasing a new TV we have decided upon this TV. It is being delivered on Saturday and I am just wondering a couple of things -

I have a PURE DAB hifi sitting underneath the TV - can I use this to connect for sound rather than having to purchase a full home cinema system? (don't really need one but I am concerned about sound reviews on all new TVs)

I have noticed it has an ethernet connection - whats the benefit of connecting to the internet? What can I do with the internet on the TV?

I have read that I should have a channel that is pure white on for a few hours a month - where can I find this?

Is there anything I should do whilst it is new to perserve its life?

apologies for the questions but this is the first time I have purchased a TV of this nature and I am spending more than I budgted as this TV seemed to be worth the extra £100 and I can not afford to replace that easily!

We decided on this one as the Panasonic site said it was best for sports and gaming. Sky HD is being installed next week (sport is on a lot in my house!) and XBOX 360 and a Wii will be connected


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Your TV sound should connect to your DAB. The TV has RCA stereo out or optical.

Ethernet is there for Freesat and you'll be able to access BBCi player soon. It's not for general internet access.

White channel, not needed at all.

Running in not really needed, just keep a mix of viewing and not, say, watch 4:3 programs all the time or cinemascope movies with black bars top/bottom.

Gaming, take a break every couple of hours, switch to fill screen TV for 15 minutes. As before, keep a mix of viewing.


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