Panasonic TX36PD50C Review


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O.K guys, as promised here are my initial thoughts on the Panasonic TX36PD50C which I received this week.

First off the box would not fit through the front door but the delivery guys kindly unpacked and carried it in. First hurdle over.
Stand was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. Also has excellent facility for hiding away all your cables and leads.

Connected TV up to Netgem Freeview Box, Mico DVD Player and Panasonic VCR with standard Scart leads.
What can I say, picture quality on all three inputs was excellent once I had adjusted the colour, brightness and contrast to my tastes.
It's good that you can set up 3 picture preferences on each AV input. I find this useful when going from daytime to evening viewing.

I had heard scare stories about digital feeds being blocky but have had no problem here.
Was also very impressed with with the VCR quality on such a large screen.
I tend to favour the 100HZ PLUS mode at present for most viewing but it's early days and I'm sure I will experiment more in the coming weeks.

I have also just purchased some new ICOS XHT601 scart leads so when they arrive I'll let you know if there is any significant change to sound and picture.

I won't bore you with all the settings and features for now but I will say that overall I am very pleased with the PD50.

Before I get onto the minor niggles I must point out that my girlfriend can see little wrong with the TV whatsoever so I think it is sometimes the perfectionists like myself who maybe expect too much from a product.
Anyway for it's worth, here we go:-

1) As has been reported many times in this Forum (on many makes of TV) the Geometry out of the box is not perfect. I notice that vertical lines curve inwards in both top corners and to a lesser extend in the bottom corners. I have an engineer coming next week to try and address this issue in the Service menu. Should I be so fussy with a 36" screen ?

2) Again as has been reported before, I thought the picture through RGB had a very slight green tint on peoples faces. Followed previous advice and reduced the LOW GREEN setting in the service menu by 15. This seems to have sorted that problem.

3) This TV has a switchable Virtual Dolby option which according to the manual only works when receiving a Dolby input.
I have played many DVD's with Digital Dolby but can hear no difference when switching the Virtual Dolby ON or OFF.
Can any other owners of this TV or any TV post their experiences.
The sound is good but should I be able to here a noticable difference?

That's about it for now.
Please post your replies and any questions because sometimes it's nice to know that a problem may not be a problem but just a 'feature of the TV'.

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Sounds as if the PD50 is following in the footsteps of the PD30.

That is, if you get a good one, it's very very good. :clap:

If you get a bad'n: :suicide:

Enjoy your viewing! :thumbsup:


Hi all

Just got my panasonic tx 36 pd 50c, and I have a question on the set up.

What is the difference on the viewing modes, cinema, normal and dynamic, and which is the recommended mode.

Sorry if this is an obvoius question but Im nowhere near as techie as most of the people on this board.


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These viewing modes can be adjusted to your personal preference. Ignore the names. they could easily be called Tom Dick and Harry. I.E If you set them all up the same then the picture would look the same in all 3 modes.
I set one up for my daytime viewing when more brightness / contrast is usually needed, one for evening viewing when less brightness / contrast is needed and one for messing about and experimenting.
Let me know if you need any other advice. I think I know this TV inside out now.

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Hello Zigzag2005 and welcome. :)

Glad you're happy (so far!) with your PD50. :smashin:

Get it set up right and you'll have a display that's hard to beat. :clap:

Have you seen my explanation of the various modes which I did in this section of the Forum in May2004 (search for "Acuity")?

I think you may find it useful.

Happy viewing! :thumbsup:


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Yes Tight Gits old post on the various modes is good.
Don't know about everyone else but I find 100HZ PLUS gives a slightly better clarity picture than the 833/75 Acuity. Does not really make sense I know but on the two PD50's I have owned that has been the case.


Thanks guys - I think I understand a little bit more

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