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Dec 28, 2001
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Just browsing through the Panny website, whilst looking for cheap prices on the 36PB50, and discovered this set.
It appears to have analogue AND digital tuners. Also has Dolby Digital.

So I was wondering if anybody has seen any reviews, or bought one.
Looks interesting.
Any replies welcome.
I was also interested colesy and have seen one locally which seemed to be very good but difficult to tell in a shop. Could have been the adjustment, but it appeared to be overloading on peak whites. DTT reception was good and very fast for channel change.

I am interested but would need to see a detailed review before I took the plunge. This shop wanted top price of £2200 whereas you can get one from the internet for around £1650. I don't mind a premium for local purchase but not £550.

Please let me know if you have found anything more.
Sorry, but I have not seen anything around my area. Retailers "wont start stocking until people are interested in the product".
Strange really 'cos I thought people would be interested in the product after they have seen it.
I have a Panny brochure and it does look nice though.
Thanks - I will let you know if I find out anything further.
I have just bought a Tx36PB50 so I wont be in the market for a new version (he says crossing his fingers). But I will keep you informed if I come across anything. I hae a few bits of info in the brochure if you need anything.

I gather the TX36PB50 is very good and trust you are pleased with it. The reason I am going for the other was the addition of a digital tuner.

Did you buy it mail order?
Yes I am very pleased with the PB. I like the PIP especially. DD &DTS bring my StarWars Phantom menace to life. Great!!
I do have a little pink corner of the screen and am waiting for the supplier to send an engineers out.
I bought it from techtronics, who were the cheapest at the time....under £1400. Some mags and retailers are still showing £2000 for it. I thought I saw the price in WhatVideo&TV for RRP of £2500.

From what I have heard about Panasonic digitial TV's is that the picture is not a patch on Sony IDTV's.
Glad to hear that. Just a tip on the purity problem; I had the same thing on my current Nokia 32" widescreen bought over 5 years ago. If it isn't corrected by degaussing, demand another one or you will go out of time for a replacement. My replacement at the time was perfect.

I gather the purity is factory set on modern tubes and made so it is no longer adjustable. I could not have lived with it how it was even though the less critical might not have noticed it.

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