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Just about to purchase by Panasonic TX42PH40 after viewing in an official outlet, but before I do has anyone had first-hand experience of this set?

I was also considering the Toshiba 32ZD26 and Philips 32PW9617/9527, but the Pany accepts both Pal and NTSC Progressive so will be more future compatible? Also the Panny looks so sexy - like the Sony NX100 but much cheaper.

Also, what (are there?) is the latest Pal Progressive DVD player?

Any thoughts much apprecieated!


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The last thing I heard was that Panasonic were releasing the PH40 with the PAL progressive output disabled as long as there wasn't an official endorsement of PALp.

Are you positive about it taking a PALp signal?

Apart from that, Panasonic's Quintrix tubes have been suffering from moiré with NTSC material, and their geometry isn't usually spot on. Maybe they corrected some of that for the latest incarnation.


To be honest, I don't know about Progressive PAL, but I heard it's all the rage, or it will be in the not too distant future.

Much of my TV viewing will be Sky Digital (especially live football), but at the same time I don't want to be lumbered with a TV which then restricts me starting my DVD career with latest technology.

Aren't the Quintrix tubes also used in the Philiphs sets?

More confused then aven now :confused:


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ive had a ph40 for 3 weeks now. Overall i'm quite pleased with it. My dvd is a sony dvpns700 so i havn't used the component inputs nor yet tried any progressive etc etc. The dvd looks good though and rgb input from my (ex) itv dig box is good too. One problem i did have were small areas of vertical lines scrolling
horizontallyacross the screen (about 3inches long by 1 inch high) when viewing rgb input dvd/digital. They were not always there and didn't bother me that much as they were quite hard to see, i found if i disconnected the rf lead they vanished. .perhaps interference? i experimented a bit and i now have the dvd/digibox into av4 rather than av1 and the rf reconnected and theyve vanished, idea! picture 8/10 sound (not bothered as have separate sound but 7/10) connectivity 10/10 looks 9/10 (didn't think this would bother me, prev tv was 21 inch but 32 widescreens are quite big pieces of kit and stand out in your lounge) :)

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