Panasonic TX32LXD70 HDMI Or Component to panasonic DRME77?



Had a look at cable faq and forums, please could somebody tell me whether to use An HDMI cable or a Belden/canare component cable and high quality stereo pair to connect my girlfriends new TV and DVR?
Which will give best picture.
I know nothing of Video cabling am strictly an audio guy.
Have read up and cant find a straight answer to this. Always a bit suspicious of digital cabling, after my efforts in digital audio,solved with Neutrik 110 ohm xlr`s and belden cables, plus Belden and Canares for spdif.
The HDMI plugs and socket look a bag o` sh**e, not conviced.

Thanks in advance for any help Jason
Cant say for sure, but what I can say is this - I have connected many things to my LXD70 using SCART - Component and HDMI and one thing has been clear thoughtout - the HDMI input consistently provides the best image quality.

That said, I haven't got a new DRME77 to test your precise setup.

I would be interested to hear how you've got on with standard definitnion DVD playback upsacled by the player - is it crystal clear or does it suffer from upscaling artefacts?

Enjoy your new technology :thumbsup:


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