Panasonic TX32LXD52 and Windows XP



Hi everyone,

I've been given a panasonic TX32LXD52 to set up for use as a PC display, problem is it doesnt have a VGA or DVI input, so I have used a DVI to HDMI scaler.
The scaler I'm using is a Gefen.

Sadly the whole screen doesnt fit on the screen, i've tried the PC at the resolutions available, both 800x600 & 1024x768 and neither quite works.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do or where I may get further help?


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My best guess would be to set the pc output to the native resolution of the screen (1366 x 768) and just use a DVI to HDMI adapter cable. If your gfx card won't do that it might be possible to find a cheap one that will.

Unless there is a setting in the menus to disable it you will still probably suffer from a minor amount of cropping of the image due to overscan. See discussions of 1:1 pixel mapping hearabouts.

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