Panasonic TX32 PK25. Good Buy?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by geropa, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Hello, once I decided to buy a new TV I asked friends and stores, and they all said me that buy a Sony, Philips, Panasonic...

    O.K. at first I want 28"-29" T.V. Friend said me that 100 Hz better. (after read HCC web I doubt,...) Because I like Movies, not sports I decided widescreen (16:9). I live in Spain, and have a Pioneer DVD model DV656A.

    Good, after view a lot of stores, in one of them offered me a bargain, a 32" TV by Panasonic model TX-32PK25, by only 999 Euros (635 Pounds). Other model was a Sony KV-28LS60 (only 28") by the same amount.

    I have tried to found a review of this model at internet and first only found the TX-32PK20 model in HCC
    all good about this model, but i don´t know if is the same model that the TX32PK25, and I continue... and found a review in the fnac site about the PK25.....
    they put this model not too good, and after this I have seen the opinions about this model of TV in this forum and not too good.

    Finally the other day I found another posible bargain, a Sony KV32FX65 by 1160 Euros(736 Pounds), I don´t know anything about this model, supossed is similar to KV32FX66, but is a little bit more money that I want to expend (I don`t wanto much more than 650 Pounds), and Tv by Sony are bigger than Panasonic, is a really great TV, more big dimensions than I expected.

    What are your recommendations about this?
    Thank you a lot by your help and patient...

    P.D. Sorry by my english ... not to good as you see

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